we're a social enterprise

Our Commitments


The Common Grind is a Community Interest Company where we believe that without the health and wellbeing of communities and the environment our business would not be able to survive. We are committed to giving back to our support network by ensuring our profits are always used in a way that has a broader social and ecological benefit. We like to think globally, but act locally.

Social Commitments

Young people today face many challenges which can lead to them becoming vulnerable during their transition from education to employment. Among others, key reasons for their vulnerability can include issues like poverty, substance abuse, problems in the family home, physical illness, mental illness and disability. Whatever their circumstances are young people often find it difficult to develop skills and find employment as they mature into adulthood, which can seriously implicate their long-term future. It is our mission to facilitate their successful transition into adulthood.


At The Common Grind we believe the catering industry is the ideal platform to help prevent youth vulnerability. To offer our support, we will be launching accredited 20hr barista workshops within the next five months, which will give Scottish youths experiencing barriers to employment the opportunity to develop catering industry skills and experience, and eventually find accessible work within a local café, restaurant, bar, or other food and drink establishment. 

In future as The Common Grind expands and we are able to take on staff, we will also be offering employment opportunities to the young people who excel in our courses. In doing so we hope that those we assist can become self supportive and comfortably transition into adulthood and employment.

Environmental Commitments

The Common Grind is also an environmentally considerate coffee company. We ensure all of our products are sourced from local, ethical and environmentally considerate suppliers. Whenever possible we reclaim and reuse old equipment and materials. We even repack our ground coffee in their former bags and distribute them to community gardens to help stimulate plant growth. Minimising waste is also really important to us. To do this we ensure that we only use recyclable or compostable packaging and materials, as well as biologically friendly cleaning products.

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