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Meet the Team


"Hi, we are Heather and Marcel and collectively we have over ten years of experience in the catering industry. During this time we developed a strong passion for brewing great coffee, and in July 2016 we decided to take a leap of faith and start our very own coffee company, The Common Grind.

"To us coffee, or any drink shared for that matter, provides a reason for people to come together. How many times have you heard someone say "let's meet up for a cup of coffee"? Yes, the caffeine is partly to blame, but we think it's mostly because of its social lure and incredibly delicious taste (well, that all depends on your barista). But let's face it, you're always sure to spark up a chin wag if you've got a nice warm cuppa to break the tension.

"That said, these benefits often come at a cost. The hot-beverage industry can have long-lasting negative impacts on the people and ecosystems which help bring those tasty warm cups within our grasp.  In an effort to minimise our impacts, we decided to establish The Common Grind as a social enterprise, where 100% of our profits help to improve the lives of both people and the environment. This means that we take a wage for ourselves, but all of our additional profits are reinvested to help provide training and employment opportunities for vulnerable youths and minimise our ecological impacts.

"The Common Grind is our chance to make a difference, and to bring people all over Scotland closer together, whatever the occasion. We feel privileged to have shared such wonderful moments with all our amazing customers, and are looking forward to meeting and working with many more in the near future!"

--- Heather and Marcel