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Our Products

We're not just a coffee company. We think people deserve to make choices.

When it comes to the products you can have at your event we offer a range of options including hot drinks, soft drinks, alcoholic coffee cocktails, cakes and even personalised bars and cups. Most importantly we are flexible and welcome any personal choices you wish to make. Just ask!

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ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee

No instant, bean-to-cup or filter coffee here! At The Common Grind we grind and extract the finest locally roasted specialty grade coffee from suppliers who are committed to traceable, ethical and sustainable sourcing. We only use great tasting organic milk from Mossgiel Farm, meaning your coffee won't make a coo cry.

We produce all of our coffee on-site using a 2-group traditional espresso machine, which we always calibrate prior to service in order to maximise the balance of flavour and sweetness of your espresso.

Your guests can simply tell us what they like, and our trained barista's will make it.  Whether it's a latte, cappuccino, cortado, mocha, piccolo or ristretto, it doesn't phase us.


specialty teas & hot chocolate

We know coffee isn't for everyone, so we've included a selection of specialty teas and hot chocolate as part of our standard package.

Your guests will be able to choose from six different types of tea including: English Breakfast, Early Grey, Peppermint, Rooibos, Lemon & Ginger and Pure Green.

For the chocolate lovers we have some delicious Divine Drinking Chocolate, to which we add organic milk and steam to form a smooth, silky layer of micro-foam.

All of our teas are sourced from suppliers who ensure the farmers who harvest the crop are treated ethically and paid fairly.


sweet treats

Coffee is great, but it's even better with cake. If you think your guests would appreciate a wee treat with their drink, we can arrange for our artisan baker to prepare you something scrumptious (he's one of a kind!). You'll be able to choose from a range of over 20 types of individual cakes and slices, and if you're planning on getting married we can even help you out with that all important wedding cake!


Personalised events

We give all of our clients the option to personalise our bars and cups with their own artwork or company brand.

If you like, we can create a stamp with your own design that we'll use to personalise every one of the cups we give to your guests or associates.

Better yet, our classy coffee bar can even feature your very own artwork or company logo to help you get your brand or message out there! All you have to do is send us your large resolution artwork and we'll send it off to our sign-makers who will turn it into a 1.6m wide x 1m high front panel and two side panels for our bar.

cold drinks

We understand that non-alcoholics don't always want a hot drink, especially the kids. That's why we'll give you the option to select from a wide range of great tasting bottled juices, sparkling drinks and water for you to add on to your event. 

Like our coffee, we take pride in the quality and traceability of our products, so no big brands here. All our soft drinks are UK sourced from sustainable suppliers who use only natural ingredients.

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alcoholic coffee cocktails

Depending on your preference, we can also offer a range of alcoholic coffee cocktails to add something special to your event. Perhaps you and your guests would like to try our Kahlua Iced Coffee or Powerstance Espresso?